Sweet Soul Music

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01. Oh

Bass: Rick Rigsby. Authentic children's laughter: Camile and Cloe

02. Never Make Your Move Too Soon (W. Jennings, N. Jr. Hooper)

Bass: Walter Nelson, Drums: Brent Nance, Concord Music Group

03. Patiently

04. Rest

Guitar, Congas, Percussion: Brent Nance

05. Remember

Bass: Rick Rigsby, Guitar: Jim Casey, Background vocals and arrangement: Cavin Yarbrough, Alicia Peoples and Candy Williams

06. You Could Be Mine (Candy Williams, Vincz Pvel)

Keyboards and drum programming: Vincz Pvel

07. Time

Saxophone: Quamon Fowler

08. Break-in' Up Somebody's Home (T.L. Matthews, A. Jackson)

South Memphis Music (BMI)

09. Possible

Bass: Jonathan Fisher

10. Open To Love (Candy Williams, Michael Gott, Linny Nance)

11. Rest


Linny Nance performed all keyboard and drum programming except where noted. Candy Williams performed all lead and background vocals except where noted.

All songs written by Candy Williams and Linny Nance and published by Candace Music (BMI) and Funki Gruv Music (ASCAP) unless otherwise noted.


This is the story of a little girl’s dreams all grown up.

I’ve always been drawn to the music. Like most little girls who have that music in them, I’d play piano and sing and make up my own songs before I was old enough to go to school.  I remember when I was about four years old my favorite songs were “Bumpin on Sunset” by Wes Montgomery and “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Jerry Butler. My teenage godsisters told me I was too young to like those songs, but I knew better.  I also knew that the music in my mind would find its way out and into the world.  Took a while, but here it is.

Everybody in my family could sing, and we were expected to do so.  I grew up singing Italian arias and art songs along with musical theater, jazz, pop, and gospel, honing my skills with the best musicians and singers that Oklahoma City had.  I loved it. Fast forward, during the day I studied as a voice major with the great Carol Brice Carey at the University of Oklahoma and gigged with the Top 40 band Jokers-Yilde at night.  After graduation and a few more years of learning, I left Oklahoma City with the band Prelude for the bright lights of Dallas, TX. That’s where I grew up.

Big D, as Dallas is called, is ripe with culture and marvelous talent, and I got to throw my bit into the ring.  I added theater, television, and commercials to my resume, but I gained focus many years ago when I began working with my personal wizard, Linny Nance. Linny's arrangements to my chords let me hear what I heard in my head, but better, funkier, stronger.   He makes the difference.  These are the songs that you hear on “Open to Love”. 


I’m a singer and songwriter from the beginning, and I’m so grateful.  Life will take you some places, but you never forget the one you love.  This album is more than 30 years in the making, has gone through many transitions, and finally it’s here.  These are my stories, and they are a gift to me.  I am thrilled beyond words to still be here writing and singing and playing with the boyz and girlz in the band, and I am honored to share this with you!




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